sopranos prequel "many saints of newark": CONFIRMED

oh dear


i’ll watch it coz david chase is doing it, kinda always hated the flashback bits in the sopranos though

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Alan Taylor is a bit of a… hack for hire I guess? He mostly does TV stuff, including a bunch of Game of Thrones episodes if memory serves me. Mostly know him cos he got subbed in at the last minute for the second Thor film, which isn’t a ringing endorsement.

hope they do that hideous dead person cgi with tony exactly how they did his maw

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if it has the same deep vibe as the series, with the weird sense of humour and even hints of magic realism, i’m on board. i feel like 13 years is a long time for dave to be out of the groove tho, and time constraints mean there may have to be a 3 act plot, which the sopranos was never about. i’ve got a horrible feeling it might just be rolling stones songs soundtracking a rise-and-fall goodfellas type story.

Consider my judgement reserved.


don’t think chase would be on board if this were the case

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preemptive temperature

  • it’ll be good
  • it’ll be bad
  • dunno (coward answer)

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i predict a 6.8/10

yeah that’s reassuring tbf, just hope he’s still got it

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The filmmakers are keeping quiet on details for the project and the roles, but it is known that some of the beloved characters from The Sopranos will appear in the film. What we know: It is set in the era of the Newark riots in the ’60s, when African Americans and Italian Americans in the city were at each other’s throats. That clash became lethal when it spread to gangsters of each group.

this actually sounds fairly interesting

Save it for the “How Good Was It Really: The Many Saints of Newark” thread, guys



wait what is terrible half of

The older i get the more just assuming everything will be shit tires me out.

Also, we need to stop being obsessed with the apparent legacy of things.

i enjoy sequels and am looking forward to this i have decided


it’s a PREQUEL!!!1111

prequel/sequel = flammable/inflammable imo

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