Fucking pointless

Invest in padded sorts and take this to the cycling thread.

Steady on there.

Although I prefer a classic Italian sherbert myself.

Granita can fuck off

It’s probably the best of the palate cleansers

Congrats on not being dairy intolerant

YOu’re a palate claenser


I’d rather have air

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congrats on being airy tolerant

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At lunchtime I saw an advert for an ice lolly. One of the boasts it made was that it was gluten free.

Gelupo do bitter choc sorbet which is amazing and you wouldn’t think it was sorbet

Shit ice cream for cunts, and on several occasions I’ve gone for no dessert over sorbet. Even when work were paying.

There are some (2) terrible, terrible opinions in this thread. You know who you are, sorbet hating scumlords

I like sorbet

I had about thirty litres of sorbet over the summer cause my IDIOT bosses bought loads for no reason a few years earlier.

I took it all home but had to put it in multiple friends’ freezers. I was the most popular guy in the neighbourhood.

Too cold

do you think clinton’s would have a card for this?

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More into a “Commiserations on your long-building dairy intolerance now hitting the point where you have to stop eating Ben & Jerry’s” card tbqh