Sore anus


I’ve got a slightly sore anus. Anyone else got a sore anus today?


Can’t say that I do.

What have you been doing to/with your anus, Smee?


balonz will know what to do


What has that anus of yours been up to Smee?


Bit late in the day for a filth thread.


maybe just wiping a bit too hard


I don’t want to know about


You should be more kind to your anus. It’s the only one you’ll ever have.



Going to need to see some close up pictures.



fuck me


Half a tube of anusol every ten minutes.




I had just sat back down at my desk with a lovely cup of earl grey, a slice of toast with butter and honey, was about to take a big bite when my eyes scrolled up the screen and met with the words “Sore anus” … :confounded:

and just as I typed this you post THAT. I’m leaving now.


Why don’t you scratch it along the ground like a dog?


funnily enough, that emoji looks a bit like the anus up there


sorry witches, didn’t mean to get you to come back in here


Stage instructions:


Haha sure sure.

Definitely leaving now!