"Sorry we missed you!"

  • 1 Your parcel is with that elderly neighbour that you’ve ignored since you moved in
  • 2 Your parcel is at the sorting office, miles away from your house
  • 3 Your parcel is in your recycling bin, has been rained on, and might even have been nicked
  • NA Your parcel is safe and sound in your big Tory porch

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3 every time, right? And who possesses one of these mythical ‘Safeplaces’? How does one even acquire one?

get most stuff sent to the office now isn’t it


1, 3 or 4 for me

  1. Your parcel is in the foyer of the main section of flats which you don’t have a key for and none of the doorbells work for despite the fact you were in to receive the parcel if the delivery person had actually gone to the right fucking door like the polite note on the main entrance instructed them to do so…

I’ve seen parcels a few doors down from me under the mat, not very discreet

Fucking love couriers fair play, they’ll just make up basically any old shit.

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literally have a sign up, the gist of which is, if not in, just leave parcel in this wicker box thing. Always ends up at the fucking sorting office. Just leave it outside the door, absolutely nobody is going to steal it. Would rather have a 1/5 packages stolen ratio than have to fuck about getting to the sorting office


Ain’t nobody got time to read. Do a sign that says PARCELS ->


Had a delivery from some company last week. I had a notification saying it had been signed for, but actually they’d just left it outside our front door. Wouldn’t have cared but it was a new phone! The fucking cheek of it. Still need to complain.

I cba to complain unless something’s actually happened to the goods


the only time we communicate with our neighbours

Well, all worked OK didn’t it? And you didn’t have to go to a depot in Mitcham on a Saturday to get it.

we actually don’t have that now as after the Grenfell tower disaster the landlords decided that instead of doing anything useful around fire checks they were going to stop people having anything in their hallways at all, like my neighbours cactii in little pots, or a place for parcels. Good work you fucking tick box cunts!!

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I live in a tower very similar to that and my council basically just sent a thank you note, so swings and roundabouts.

used to be 1 but it’s gone back to 2 now for some reason.

not sure which i prefer. it’s obviously easier to nip next door for something than to wait til the next day and go into town. but it’s far more awkward.

The really annoying thing is that there’s a sorting office 1.7km from me and on my route to work.

But due to postal code bollocks, the sorting office that I have to go to is 2.4km away, and down the end of a long road into an industrial park - I have to use the same long road to get back to the main road again, lengthening the distance I have to travel.


I now have parcels delivered to my workplace.


oooh, that reminds me. I was given a card the other day from a delivery form an amazon market place CD place where they’d not paid postage. must get my £2 back.

usually get stuff either left on my doorstep or behind the garden gate so it’s less obvious they’ve just left it outside, but not aware of anything haven’t gone missing.

worst instance was when i ordered some books off amazon, were due to be delivered and it said that it had been rejected when they tried to deliver, which as no-one was home was odd. as the depot where it had apparently been returned to was on the way home i went down and asked what was going on, they said it had been rejected and that I’d signed to confirm the rejection. i asked to see the signature and it was just my name printed. pointed out that it wasn’t my signature but they did not give a single fuck. and of course they had been incredibly efficient and had already sent my parcel back to amazon, meaning i couldn’t just pick it up either. whinged to amazon, they resent the order out next day delivery free of charge to my work, great bunch of website lads.