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Also location


Really think there should be a ‘Price per weight’ option when you’re doing your online groceries.


we recommend = all shite they want rid of / make the most profit on

average customer rating = useless. needs to be weighted by number of reviews to be any use.

price low-high = have to skip through too much crap before you get to the actual thing (like a page of laces all for £1 before you get to the boots)


something sensible for about 10 seconds and then high-low when i get bored and want to see stupid shit


Duration (Shortest)



But you can save £23 if you go for the option that involves transferring from Charles de Gaulle to Orly and then a 17 hour wait in Newark…


when you do price low-to-high you get pages of stuff that isn’t the thing you’re looking for but just a pointless supplement or outdated add on.


then you use the filters on the side, duuuuuuuuh


alphabetical please