Sort of MTftSB- How did you find people to play music with?

Over the years, i’ve noticed a lot of you have music projects/ bands. I have played guitar since i was a teenager and this is the year i’d like to finally play it with someone else. No aim to be in a band or anything, would be fun to play some songs with other peoople for a change. How did you find other musicians?

Climb onstage during a gig, point at one of the band members and say ‘take a hike, bozo’

I got free texts for life so texted all my mates and formed a superband.


Of the 2 collaborative affairs I’ve done:

Moved into a houseshare on a Friday. Was in a band with one of the lads who lived there and his mate by the following Saturday.

A close mate of 20 years. We were just chatting one day and said we should start doing some shit together and we did. Currently on indefinite hiatus.

Appreciate neither of these are helpful.

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Told everyone who was interested in music until finally someone asked me to play bass with them. It’s still how I join bands to this day.


open mic nights at a local venue are a good place to start if none of your mates are up for it

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Doesn’t really happen now, last time it did, the tv said “why don’t you get foppyish (i.e. me) to play in your band”

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I’ve been wondering this myself lately as I regret not playing in bands or ever playing with other people when I was growing up. If I was to do it now I would try and form a songwriting partnership with someone first and worry about a full band later.

had a brother who was a drummer. recommended.



Alright Craig David

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I hadn’t seen this. Now I look like some sad pathetic oaf. I'd text all my mates and start a superband

First band; I asked some people I knew if they wanted to be in my band

2nd - 6th band; someone asked me if I wanted to be in their band

7th band; I asked some people I knew if they wanted to be in my band

8th & 9th band; someone asked me if I wanted to be in their band

Went to school with them. Then went to university with them.

Then got old and lazy and couldn’t be arsed playing in bands any more.

Well… lazier.

… Billy?

I’d write the amazing songs and play them and tell the audience that I can’t play them properly cause I need a band if anyone knows anyone?

had lots of friends into music and playing instruments at school so had a couple of bands on the go back then.

went to uni and knew nobody who played so was bandless. joined a new band via a local classifieds music forum for a month or two but it didn’t really work and fell apart quite quickly.

would probably finally have just enough contacts to reach out and try to start a new band now at last but my wrist is a bit fucked and i don’t really have the energy anymore. found it great fun as a teenager especially one band with great pals but since then i’ve tended to find it a chore, don’t really feel equipped for it nowadays although it feels like something i never quite fully fulfilled.

occasionally contribute to a friend from one of my teenage band’s music. been meaning to record some little nuggets myself to stick on bandcamp for no one.

I’m in much the same position, I can say that recording bandcamp chunks is actually quite rewarding even though the likelihood is no one cares because you can consider things to be projects with start and end points and when it’s up it’s visibly there and done. Just quite nice really.

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