sort of MTFTSB - see if you can guess the answer to this question at a quiz last night

Go to a pub quiz every Thursday and one of the rounds they do is a music round- they play a song, first person to recognise it gets the points. They play 12 and there’s always a link that connects the songs played. Usually it’s something quite obvious - last week they played songs such as David Essex - Gonna Make You A Star, NWA - Express Yourself, Destiny’s Child - Independent Women and the link was newspapers (Star, Express, Independent etc).

Last night, some of the songs played were the following (can’t remember all 12 but you don’t need them)

REM - Losing My Religion
Blackstreet - No Diggity
Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Lead

guess the link between those

as a clue, no one out of the 80+ people there got it


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Trick question - there is no link

may as well not have been

Probably the songs the Queen wants played at her funeral

Already happened in secret hasnt it

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They are all songs

They all contain the word ‘eargasm’


something crap like “They’re all sayings”?

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Something about cars?

Oh you got it

Want to join my team?

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Well lose my religion!


I hope you burned the place to the ground

Nah it was no diggity


That famous saying ‘no diggity’


Did you smash the fucking gaff up when Once In A Lifetime came on?

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What is pencil full of lead, if not a euphemism for a penis and some cum


I left straight after, just got my mates to send me every question over whatsapp

Turns out the quizmaster posts on this site as well!

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