Sound artist type people

I travel a lot for work, and I’ve got one of those Zoom field recorders and finally got round to sorting out field recording files from the last couple of years: There’s things from various places in Austria, Australia, Germany and Hungary, all recorded in stereo with the XY mic on the Zoom recorder.

It’s unlikely I’m going to do anything useful with them right away- if anyone likes the sounds of tram journeys, big massive fuck off ships going through canals, Australian train stations full of budgies and strangers mumbling in assorted languages, and would like to use them for a project let me know- I’ll send you the link the the folder.

Thought it would be cool to give various people the same selection of base material and see what they do with it, and maybe make some sort of compilation out of it.


Omg yes please!


That’s a really cool ideal, I’d be up for having a play around with some of those recordings!

Could be a fun DiS project.

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Google drive is being ridiculously slow uploading the files today and I’m still waiting for the whole folder to be on there- as soon as it’s uploaded I’ll message people the link


Files are all up on Google drive now- message me if you want the link

I also added in some photos of the places. Here’s me recording on a lay by in Hamburg station to change trains.

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Very up for being a part of this :slight_smile:

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Can you send me a message- I can’t figure out how to message private profiles

If you go you go to your inbox there should be an option to start a message there and just type in the user name :+1:

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Voila, here is the thread if people need it. Send me a message if you want the files.

Got about 75% of the way through doing this, saved my work, closed it, opened it again and Cakewalk went “yo I can’t find any of those external audio files so I just deleted them, bye”


Probably the malign influence of the Hungarian tractor calendar

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what device is this?

Zoom H6

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quite want to get into making field recordings

They’ve gone up in price a lot since I got mine two years ago from £180 to £300+ but they have cheaper models. The thing I like is the xy microphone that gives the surround sound 3D effect

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They dont make it easy for you eh

too soon

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Right @anon24576931 , time for you to identify which of your recordings made it into this:


It’s birds, trains and traffic lights of Melbourne.

Do you know how many attempts it took to get a decent recording of those weird traffic light bleepers?

Also a helicopter!

You should have had a word with Finneas: