Sound artist type people

Files are all up on Google drive now- message me if you want the link

I also added in some photos of the places. Here’s me recording on a lay by in Hamburg station to change trains.

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Very up for being a part of this :slight_smile:

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Can you send me a message- I can’t figure out how to message private profiles

If you go you go to your inbox there should be an option to start a message there and just type in the user name :+1:

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Voila, here is the thread if people need it. Send me a message if you want the files.

Got about 75% of the way through doing this, saved my work, closed it, opened it again and Cakewalk went “yo I can’t find any of those external audio files so I just deleted them, bye”


Probably the malign influence of the Hungarian tractor calendar

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what device is this?

Zoom H6

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quite want to get into making field recordings

They’ve gone up in price a lot since I got mine two years ago from £180 to £300+ but they have cheaper models. The thing I like is the xy microphone that gives the surround sound 3D effect

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They dont make it easy for you eh

too soon

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Right @anon24576931 , time for you to identify which of your recordings made it into this:


It’s birds, trains and traffic lights of Melbourne.

Do you know how many attempts it took to get a decent recording of those weird traffic light bleepers?

Also a helicopter!

You should have had a word with Finneas:

Just as it’s almost time to wake up Billie Joe, I finally finished a track. The last couple of months have been a creative wasteland for me, and I think I need to go away and do some work on melodies (because I can’t write one), but here is what I managed


This is mega, hadn’t listened to it yet but YEAH

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Thank you! Obviously with a few weeks’ distance from it I’d like to re-record literally everything on it, but… I won’t. Probably.

Ah, I only just saw this. Any chance I could get the link for the recordings to use as background noise between audio recordings for an abstract sort of tour I’m thinking of doing? @anon24576931

There’s an app called Echoes that uses GPS to trigger sound recordings and some stuff like this would be great!