New rapper coming to shows in Philadelphia soon

MAASTER thasoul!

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Welcome to the boards!

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Also… new indie band will be playing London in 2019!


Philadelphia I will post shows when I get them.

In the UK thug is when someone poos on someone, you know sexually.

Is it the same in US?


@martinclunes where you at thug?


In all seriousness, welcome. I’m not sure that DrownedInSound has a particularly big readership in Philly, but best of luck with what you’re doing. It sound smashing.


Careful with that knife!

Almost didn’t see you with all that camouflage gear!

Get told I’m ‘loutish’ quite often tbh :frowning:

I love this

I’m just located in Philadelphia not stuck here

I spend a lot of time at Temple University and in Thailand Bangkok!!! What about u

Look at all these jealous haters trying to keep a new artist down. Keep doing what you do, soul brother!