Soundgarden fans?

Same. Bowie hit me quite hard but the circumstances of Chris’ death are harder to swallow

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Did I read somewhere that his wife thinks there’s a conspiracy of sorts… or am I imagining that?

Some believed she murdered him.

Eh? Really?

I had always heard they weren’t any good live

would have loved to have found out for myself

Ha I’m a bit boozy so only now realising the tongue firmly in the cheek here

I can confirm this is not true. I saw them and they were great.


Ultramega OK and Louder Than Love were my faves, accepting this is an unpopular opinion. Saw them supported by Swervedriver and Silverfish at the Astoria round that time, that was some gig


Was listening to Down On The Upside on a long train ride yesterday, as it happens. Had to stop myself wildly air-drumming along several times.


I am now listening to Louder than Love and it’s all your faults’s… YAS


The toxicology report stated that drugs weren’t a factor. She contestred this as he was on various medication. People thought she murdered him. Ridiculous as he was found hanging.

Yeah that was what I read… ridiculous. Yanks are too dosed up (sadly) there’s a pill for everything it seems… a pill to combat the adverse effects of the pill that you might need. I avoid taking a paracetamol if I can (not wanting to bash the US but the dishing out of drugs is not great)

I got knocked out down the front during that show. Got passed over the front barriers and came to in the St Johns Ambulance tent. Got back down the front and found my mates by the end of their set :sunglasses:


This is the best of the early Soundgardens imho

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Still find it remarkable that cornell started in the band on drums.

Good work! And stayed there for Faith No More and GNR?

It was a pretty stellar bill really. Went very much for GNR, but longer term Soundgarden and Faith No More have meant much more to me.

Word :+1:

I went to the tour the summer before where GNR were supported my Skid Row and Nine Inch Nails. NIN blew my metal loving mind. It was amazing how much the scene had changed from '91 to '92, mostly down to the Nirvana factor. The bands had changed, the clothes had changed and everything had gone way more alternative…

Ace… not but aye it is. Great story

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Just had this thought while listening to Louder Than Love… they’re not a band anyone could say they weren’t sure if they’d listened to. Love them or hate them they have a sound that’s all them… almost a genre of themselves

“Feeling Minnesota” yes… never been there but can somehow relate