Sounds From The Other City 2019

I need to speak out about the nonsense that has gone on round the Chapel Street area for the last 2 years (at least) The council has done naff all to support the frstival and turned to shite what is a well/was supported festival.

Anyway for at least the last 8 years this has been the best party in Salford on the early May Bank Holiday. From The Old Pint Pot to The Eagle or Rovers Return.

There is something sinister going on from this year (or from a pissed Salfordians/Owd’amer’s) which I can probably sum up in 2 parts:

1: the hub is now the trading estate and the festival no longer gives a fuck about the pubs on Chapel Steet (new oxford and the salford arms)

2: with the opening of middlewood locks the end of Islington Mill is imminent.

I should point out that I am quite drunk but, I have spent the evening having passing conservation to people who will be losing money come May for the festival switching to a bang average trading estate(as I have been told, this might be nonsense but, I have spoken to enough people that they are telling the truth)

The change to single venue seems to be the antithesis of what SFTOC was all about from my (a punter’s) perspective which has meant not picking up a ticket for it this time.

However, the press released did say the festival will be back to normal next year. I hope it is because i’ve loved ambling up and down Chapel St over the years.

I wish the promoters all the best with their new format but it’s too hard of a sell for me.

Been to most of these over the last 15 years and remains one of my favourite days out of the year. I thought this was just a one off for this year too?

From what I can gather (admittedly from the SFOTC official press), they’re nominating various promoters to pick their favourite acts and then putting them all on in a smaller festival environment. I can’t quite get my head around why they’re marking a festival milestone by halving the capacity, but there we go?

Agree that part of the charm is spreading the events out across Salford and meandering around between the venues though - lots of great memories with friends having a few evening beers in the sun outside The Old Pint Pot, catching various bits of crazy stuff in Islington Mill or downstairs at Kings Arms and the now annual ritual of sitting on the kerb outside Carribean Flavas wrestling with something almost impossible to eat with a plastic fork. It’s exactly the kind of thing Salford needs imo, with all the bad side of the city hogging way too many of the headlines.

The Regent trading estate has been a part of the festival for the last few years - it’s fine I guess, but a shame that it’s all going to be there though. Happy to give them the benefit of the doubt for one year and hope it goes back to normal the next.

Had to read that back from Friday.

Still stand by what I said that there is something going on that I can’t put my finger (personally I think the organisers have had their hands tied by some organisation like the council or reduction in funds from Arts Council England) maybe the council are looking to get rid of it.

It’s just weird that tickets didn’t get announced until last week (with no earlybird rate), they reduced the capacity and from what I understood from talking to people on Friday night that the venues weren’t informed until recently they wouldn’t be involved and had been working under the assumption that they would be involved (and if memory serves there was no guarantee that they would be involved in the future).

There is too much development going on, on Chapel Street that the festival can continue (Islington Mill has already had complaints from the Tower Block near it although that has been going on for years) as it has particularly with The Crescent going. I can’t even remember the last time there was a night on at the Mill or hosted a gig (Stephen Malkmus I think was the last one).