Sounds satisfying



-Tapping a wooden spoon against a pot of porridge


People whispering in a library


:soccer: :arrow_right::cross:


i’m not great at emojis, does this mean kicking a football at a cross?


popping bubble wrap OBV


deep section rims when you’re gunning it

whoosh whoosh whoosh like a shark


cracking logs in a fire


When a thunderbastard of a shot smashes down off the bar and you get that THUD-THUD as it hits bar then ground (and goes in). So satisfying.


I like shoes tapping as someone walks along a train platform


Irrelevant but i went bowling the other week and there was a family bowling next to us. One of little the boys, who id guess was about 9 or 10 years old gets a strike and shouts “I’M COMPLETELY SATISFIED!” Found it really funny cos its the least exciting sentence to hear from a child getting a strike.


Relevent answer: pissing down rain when you’re tucked up inside.


Gently placing a heavy glass onto a wooden surface.

Closing a car door.


I don’t think I’ve ever placed heavy glass onto a wooden surface before.


Pint glass on a table


The whoosh of the air brakes when you chuck the handbrake on in a truck.


That’s the one.


Oh aye, when he said heavy I imagined he was meant a pane of glass but i was wrong, so wrong.


now i can say I definitely haven’t done this


yeah, bit niche- still, you get the noise from outside too.

makes a satisfying clunk when you release it as well


It’s entirely possible your emojis didn’t really get your point across.

Diamond Spade Death