General soup chat in this thread.

Standard soups - are they any good? Carrot & Coriander, Leak & Potato, Tomato. All a bit boring IMO.

Asian soups - I live for this shit man. Totally live for it. The chilli, the lemongrass, the basil, the noodles, the floating tofu balls, fish sauce. Ramen, Tom Yam, all that shit. Fucking amazing. Not very interesting to just say that tho is it. Say some more stuff if you like.

Is soup worthy of a thread?

I was going to windmill in with “shit for cunts” but you’re absolutely right, Asian soups are great.

My wife makes a spinach and nutmeg soup that she thinks is the dogs bollocks but imo is the worst dinner I’ve ever had more than 3 times.

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This week the choices are:

  • Black Bean - Dhal Makhni
  • Yucatan Tortilla
  • Aviyal – Sri Lankan Coconut & Cauliflower
  • Chilli Butterbean

Big fan of homemade carrot and coriander

The haters are wrong imho I like most soups

Although I’m not fond of leek and potato, but I do like seafood chowder.

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My mum makes this generic orange soup that’s so salty that my gf cannot handle it, and my mum makes it every time we visit. She’s running out of excuses to not have it each time.

I secretly think my mum knows what’s going on and is thoroughly enjoying herself.

you mean it’s got carrots and butternut squash and shit in it or its literally orange soup?
dont bother i know the answer.

my generic orange soup is butternut squash with lots of chilli and coconut milk.

Not sure I do, tbqfh. Could be carrot. Could be lentil. It’s literally impossible to tell.

God I love chowder. Smoked haddock/similar chowder for me tho


I mean I know it’s not made of oranges

Do you though

sounds delicious. where you going for these soups soup boy


Smee would you consider bouillabaisse a soup or a stew?

I like Waitrose own-brand basic tomato soup

it doesnt really matter what I think but I’m saying soup so that we get to talk about it some. I had a lovely take on this in Slovenia once. Will order it pretty much wherever I see it on a menu. Lovely dish.

Nusa Kitchen

They have 6 locations in central London, all within walking distance from my office.

I do envy Londoners for shit like this
(and people who can get to Finnieston at lunchtime)

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It’s a cracker isn’t it. Had it at sketch for lunch down here earlier in the year :ok_hand: