I have to go to Slovenia in July

with that attitude, you don’t deserve it.
where bounce you goin?


I make a really good roasted tomato and red pepper soup, the secret ingredient is cooking the onions and red chili base in sunflower butter

Goulash is good.

sounds nice. the sunflower butter thing probably doesn’t make as much of a difference as you think

Amy butter would do tbh, its just better than oil (and as an oil wanker ive tried lots)

Edit: ew sorry i just mean as someone who has about 15 different cooking oils ive tried when making food

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bit predictable but it’s a very pleasant town and in 2012 you could get a lovely bouillabaise style dish at a riverside restaurant that looked a bit touristy but was actually very nice.

goin for work?

Nah, stag innit.

(I am going to Sofia for work this month and Amsterdam for work next month though)

:laughing: oil wanker love it.

oh I see well yeah now I get ya re the frying in butter and I’m down with it. When I make curry I fry the onions and spices in oil AND butter (probably makes less of a difference than I think)

I think your company should consider whether those meetings could be done over skype for both productivity and carbon footprint reasons.

One is a conference

what proportion of this football management simulation industry conference is made up of people who are not your colleagues?

There will be two of us from SI attending the conference.

what’s your actual job tone

I am the QA Assistant Manager for Football Manager

are you going to the conference with the QA Manager? Or maybe a QA Officer?

tinned: cream of tomato (with added grated cheese)

homemade: broccoli and stilton

Well, it’s the Game Quality Forum Global Conference for Quality Assurance, Localisation and Player Support mate so I think you’ll be able to work it out… :wink:

Is there anyone at your workplace whose job title is Football Manager Manager?