We’re fast approaching soup season so I think it’s high time we go through the annual tradition of having a wee chat about soup.

This year I’m particularly keen to hear about any soup experimentation you’ve done in recent years. Attempted a medley of soups for a three course meal? Popped one type of soup in another type of soup for a soup cocktail? Maybe you’ve tried dipping different stuff in your bog standard Cream of Tomato? Either way, this is the thread to make your thoughts known.

Thank you and God bless x


Good soup.

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Good POST!

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not much man, soup with you


A consistently 8/10 post making machine!


Bloody love soup. Chicken soup is the tits.

Pop any pepper in?

sourdough croutons are transformative. TRANSFORMATIVE!!

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Always. Bit of pepper, bit of salt. Gotta season that soup.

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I’m sick to the fucking back teeth of “sourdough”


Been meaning to make some for weeks now but haven’t got round to it.

damning with faint praise

only #soupchat i have is that i tried (and failed) to buy some oxtail soup yesterday. maybe i’ll try again today or maybe i’ll wait and see if someone posts about some other interesting soup that makes me want to try that instead


IDEA: Halloween Soup!!!

BLOOD! tomato
Creepy PUMPKIN!! butternut squash
BONES!!! sourdough croutons


used to be a big soup guy but i think i’ve got a little bit bored of it

great for trick or treaters!!


is is a trick or is it a treat? Neither, it’s SOUP

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don’t we call it the breast?

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I sometimes like popping a poached egg in and around my soup to give it a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ (translation: I do not know what)

Soup is so average. It’s just sauce without a host meal.