Sour(ed) Cream


Is it…

  • Sour Cream
  • Soured Cream

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I also wanted to say that I fucking love sour(ed) cream.




Ratio of buying creme fraiche to sour(ed) cream: 10:1


check a Pringles tube

Sour Cream




c) death fart fuel


It’s the same price tafe and they are right next to each other.


Sour cream in Russian. сметана if you’re gonna be pedantic.


Soured, definitely


Excludes non-French speakers, so elitist!


It’s fucking soured you helmets.


Loads of false friends in the Slavic languages. Like ovoshchi/овощи means vegetables in russian (wtf Russia?) and zeleni/зелени is greens like in English. First time I went to the Czech Republic I was all “why the fuck does everything on these menus come with cabbage?”


Like specifically, some small kind of cabbage.


Close enough.


YOU are the helmet


Go to a shop and buy a pot labelled sour cream. Good luck!


the product itself is soured cream, as in cream that has been soured. however the flavour is that of sour cream, as in cream that tastes sour.

next question…


Told my landlady in Austria once that I’d nearly fallen into an open grave full of slurry in the mountains and made her very concerned, when in fact I meant ditch. Das Grab, Der Graben.