Sourdough & general bread baking thread 2021. Lockdown 3: The Breadening

I’m getting back to sourdough again now that I have a working oven. Max (my starter) is dead so I’m starting afresh.

Please post bread chat and photos below :yum:

We wanna get started but not sure how to! I’ve tried doing a started before but dropped it and probably didn’t do it right! Any tips to start it off?

My starter will be called Douglas


Got a plain white loaf on its first prove in the bowl of the Kenwood, ready for late night baking. Just moved house, might start a sourdough starter to celebrate, never done one before.

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Yey! It’s super easy but you have to be patient. My starter took two weeks before it was ready to bake with last time.

Use a glass jar. 50g flour and 50g water and mix well. Cover loosely (I use a cotton napkin) and leave on the kitchen counter.

Each day weigh out 50g to keep and feed (add) another 50g flour and 50g water. Do this for 7-14 days until it starts bubbling up and doubling in size (use a jar bigger than you think you’ll need).

Using scales to weigh the water helps a lot.

I wash my jar each time I feed it.


I’m in! I’ve started.

Did anyone else used to do arts and crafts with flour and water paste? :laughing:

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I have neglected mine recently two weeks without feed.

But have brought it back to life from this before.

I made some lovely 50/50 sourdough rolls just before xmas.

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And keep the discard for pancakes/flatbreads etc.

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Anyone else on team no discard? I just do smaller feeds (25g) (also maybe every other day…) unless I’m going to be using it, then I’ll give it 50g. All in the same minging jar that gets washed out maybe once a fortnight :smiley:


Yes, except i’ve never washed out the jar :grin:


I think @the_ravens doesn’t discard?

@Unlucky discard crumpets are very delicious.


I’ve tried crumpets a couple of times but haven’t managed to get them right and find pancakes a lot easier.

No discard, no repent

I have a jam jar in the fridge with ~140g of pretty thick starter (approx ratios 4:1:2.8 white flour:wholemeal/dark rye:water) in it - basically it’s the bit of the 2nd ferment I don’t put into my large loaf. Each week I’ll usually take 80g to start off a large loaf and the rest to kick off pizza bases (or whatever). The large loaf uses the starter as is for the first ferment but for anything else I’ll make up a liquid starter the night before (30g starter, 100g water, 100g flour - might do up to 150g flour/water) and leave it on the side. As long as I’m doing at least the large loaf every week to ten days I don’t need to do any other refreshing.


“approx 2.8” :smiley:

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I know! I was gonna put 3 but that’s quite a big diff in hydration.

It’s actually 39:11:28 white:whole:water but there’s some starter in there too which throws things a bit and I couldn’t work out where that sat. So yes, I was happy with approx :smiley:

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Ok…what’s discarding?

Gonna try my second breadmaker loaf tonight, and put it on the timer so it’s ready for the morning :slight_smile:

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Chucking away a bit of your starter before you feed it

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Preheat fan oven to 180°C

375g self raising flour
3 level teaspoons sugar
1 level teaspoon salt
330ml beer (can be any type of beer)

Mix dry ingredients well.

Add beer, stir it all just so it is combined - don’t stir for too longer, lumps are fine. Too much stirring = less rising.

Pour mix in to standard 900g loaf tin (£2.50 from Sainsburys) and put in the oven immediately.

1 hour @ 180° in fan oven


Let’s say you started with 50g flour and 50g water you then have total volume of 100g. Each day when you feed your starter you weigh out and keep 50g and discard (bin/find a discard recipe you like) the other 50g. You then feed the bit you’ve kept (put it back in the jar) with another 50g flour and 50g water, making the new total volume 150g. The next day you keep 50g and discard 100g (roughly) and keep doing that.

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I’m with you, so you wanna start every day with 50g?