Sourdough starters

Has anyone made their own sourdough starter? I never have but would like to and I’m confused. Do people just do the flour and water starters or is it better to use yoghurt/milk/sugar/honey/something else?

Any tips? Bonus points for photos.

Twisted sourdough starter


I had been thinking about asking DiS about this so thank you for posting! I really want to try.

PS welcome back @shes_so_high :relaxed:

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This is Cody, he lives in my fridge:

I have the Bread Ahead book and followed the instructions in that. Start with 50g flour and 50g water, mix them together and leave out, covered with a tea towel. Every 24 hours feed the mix with a tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon of water and stir in. After about 5 days of that you should have a bubbly mix that will smell a wee bit sour.

I used wholegrain rye flour to make Cody, the book reckons it makes for a more resilient starter. Didn’t add anything else. When I’m baking with him, he gets fed equal amounts of flour and water to make up the total weight of starter needed in the recipe and then left out of the fridge for about 8 hours.


Mine is four years old now. I don’t keep it in the fridge and it gets a couple of tablespoons of flour and a dash of water every three days or so. I used to measure out equal amounts of each but I’ve got a good feeling for the consistency of it now so go by look/feel when stirring it.

I’ll always stick some in about 24 hours before I’m going to use it too and won’t use it unless there’s some bubbles on the top. I’ve never stuck yoghurt etc in it (vegan anyway so wouldn’t) but occasionally will chuck in a couple of halved green grapes for a bit of acidity. Sometimes chuck in a spoonful of rye flour instead of one of the normal white flour and I’ve used wholemeal and spelt before now too, so it’s a real mixture now :blue_heart:

I’ve successfully fridged it for a week or so too while I’ve been away, just brought it back to room temperature and given it a feed to help it back on its way.

Mine doesn’t have a name unfortunately, to my family though it’s “that funny stuff in the pot”.


Oh, I thought you had to use some kind of yoghurty/bacteria thing. Interesting, very interesting

@kermitwormit this seems like a thread for you.


Need to get one going again. My approach was pretty much @ronniehotdog’s sadly mine died and I never even gave him/her a name. :frowning:
Now is a good time to start afresh I guess.

Not up for this at all. Yeast freaks me out.


Possible wolfcastle, then youre in the right place?

Mine is getting on for 4 years old but I didn’t create it myself, I got some from a bakery so I’m a massive cheat!

It just stays in the fridge until I need it and I don’t specifically feed it unless it’s been a couple of weeks or more without baking. When I bake I take what I need to build a levain (or sponge or poolish) and throw the rest. When the levain is ready to combine with the rest of the ingredients I take a bit off to stick back in the fridge. So what goes back in there will depend on what I’m baking.


It’s still yeast. Just different yeast.

Oh yeah, I dont know what yeast is.

This might be relevant / useful if you can ignore the trite bit about cuddling it.

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I want to do this but live in a hot climate and heard from people who have tried that’s it’s tricky.

It’s smaller
Smaller than me

Cody looks great! Do you chuck out the excess when you feed it/him? I’ve run out of wholegrain flour so am just going to use plain. I’ve got 00 bread flour and just normal plain flour - do you think the 00 will be better?

Four years? That’s amazing. Do you keep a lid on it or leave it open / cover with a cloth?

That’s what I’m thinking of doing. Tried twice, neither worked. First one showed some promise but turned shit after the 3rd or 4th feed. I only want it for pizza though, so not sure whether to bother again…

On that note, anyone use sourdough starter to make pizza? Silly question but… how do you actually use it?