South Asia

No idea if there will be much to say, but wanted to start a thread to talk about and share experiences from the general geographical region of South Asia.

Have gradually ended up spending quite a lot of my time in this part of the world. It’s definitely not a region that I was ever particularly interested in before I came here, but by this point am finding to be pretty much my favourite place to go. Mostly from a cultural perspective, rather than it being particularly beautiful, or having nice cities to hang out in, or anything like that. It’s a big generalisation but its a pretty rough and grimy region, overall.

One super interesting aspect of the place is the extent to which it’s linked with the UK. Always found it easy to ignore the south asian influence in England growing up, especially living in a rural area, but nowadays I end up seeing it everywhere. I know its a bit of a vague statement but its probably the biggest external influence on the UK culturally, aside from maybe the US.