South Coast Beer Meat 12/10

Dear Pals,

You are cordially invited to attend a meat in Southampton hosted by ya boy @rich-t and I.

We will be going to this -

And then ???

Maybe more wanker beer.

Maybe some food.

Maybe take in a show at historical theatre the Mayflower.

Maybe back to mine for movies and seething sober glares from the TV.

Further plans TBC.



Thought this said beer mat.

Won’t lie, I’m disappointed.

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Me too now.

I’m sorry. This does sound excellent tbf.

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didn’t realize you lived in soton.

possibly if i’ve moved back by then!


Sounds awfully far away


Serves you right for living in Scotland

Sorry guys - I’m on childcare duty that day, and even if I wasn’t it’s also the weekend after I’ll have been away on my own in France, so it’s a no from me this time.

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We’ll come to you next time!

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Consider me a strong maybe!

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12th Oct? currently free, and always good to go to hampshire to see my parents while also having another thing on the agenda

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Are you from Southampton too?!


I am in Southampton this weekend having curry at my brothers house…
Might be up for popping out for a drink in the evening…



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I’m afraid I only attend Southampton for the IKEA. Which is quite an upsetting experience in itself

I can’t do this, but if we’re thinking about a round two at some point, I saw this earlier:

I saw this too. Looks good, but Arundel can be a pita for people to get to

You’re right - it’s the best part of two hours on public transport from here according to Google maps! It’s almost as quick to cycle.