South East Fest

South East Fest is a multi venue punk and indie festival held in the New Cross area. The first one will be held at DIY Space For London, Water Into Beer and The Montague Arms between the 24th and 26th of February. For the line up follow #southeastfest . For tickets Listings - South East Fest .
Friday DIY Space for London 7-11

  • Ramones (Splurge)
  • Fugazi (Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind)
  • The Smiths (Sam Russo and friends)

Saturday DIY Space for London 2-11

  • Crystal Piss
  • Splurge
  • Slab City
  • c r u m b s
  • Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind
  • The Hippaes
  • Myelin
  • Sam Russo
  • Break Ups
  • Beezewax
  • Great Cynics

Sunday waterintobeer 12-5

  • Happy Accidents
  • Kelly Kemp

Sunday The Montague Arms 6-11

  • Hot Mass
  • The Exhausts
  • Doe
  • Apologies, i have none
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Crystal Piss


Won’t be there but can you congratulate Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind for picking possibly the worst of those stupid ‘famous person/other word’ hybrid names please


Starts tonight! Anyone going?

Hi Tommy (?)

totally would be if still lived in SE London!