South West London thread then - Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, Tooting, *sigh* Clapham I guess? (Absolutely no North London edgelords allowed in this thread)



I know Wimbledon fairly well and Tooting market looks pretty safe but anybody got any recommendations for that part of the world? Places to eat, boozers, coffee shops, theatres (other than the one in Wimbledon), cinemas (other than the Ritzy in Brixton), galleries, that kinda thing. Appreciate the help!

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South WEST ffs!!!




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Applauded at the end of a film.


for the record, South West London is by FAR the best part of London. literally anyone pretending North or East (lol) is better is out of their tiny fucking mind. Cheers


It’s a bit Tory isn’t it.


Understatement of the century.


enormous this

south west is the tory bit that’s not the international-oligarch bit (central west)


I’m going to miss East London so bad.




I mean the people there are awful, but who the fuck speaks to people anymore? lovely parks, cafes, river. Juts better


Clapham Picturehouse is lovely also.

Dunno if it’s still there but the Elephant on the Hill on Lavender Hill is very good food in a gastropub kind of way and the pub itself is nice enough also.

Enjoyed living in Clapham but for the bellends tbh, the common is lovely, the transport links are good, there is lots of food options, good amenities etc. If you can ignore the bellends (which I could fairly easily but it’s easy enough when you don’t do bars or whatever) it’s good.



Ooft thanks Tone! I apologise unreservedly for my comments in the op. I’ve lived in Hackney for 5 years man, if I can block out the bellends there I’m sure I can do likewise south (west) of the river.


IMO Clapham bellends > Hackney bellends



Wow. Kinda preempted this, I’m moving my Picturehouse membership over to Brixton instead of Clapham.