South West London thread then - Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, Tooting, *sigh* Clapham I guess? (Absolutely no North London edgelords allowed in this thread)

I’ll be having the Wandsworth Guardian delivered to my home.

Oh yeah, Battersea Arts Centre regularly has good stuff on, Daniel Kitson used to loads of work-in-progress shows there etc

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There’s a bike wanker cafe in Tooting. plasticmichael keeps saying we should go there but I never want to go to SW London thanks.

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(I like Tooting, tbf, and Brixton)

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Is Picturehouse the one that’s actually owned by a multinational but pretends to be small and local and won’t pay its workers the living wage?

Will strike you off the DiS house-warming list.

That’s the one, aye.

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I know Brixton fairly well but never been to Tooting. What’s good there other than the market chief?

Everyone talking 'bout POP MUSIC

lots of really decent curry places

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Correct, runs a Human Rights Film Festival whilst sacking trade union members. Great lads.

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There’s a fucking massive VB & Sons there, it’s the tits

Like a cash and carry kind of deal?

Aye, but also just a normal indian supermarket. Fucking superb for bulk buying spices on the cheap etc

guys you should be boycotting picturehouse as they’re mega shit to their employees


If only @anon29812515 could see how far we done fell

Safe! I didn’t know you were so knowledgeable about SW London. You’re single-handedly validating my enormous life decision.

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but north london has yasar hallim thoooo

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Yeah I’d forgotten about all that @anon35496508 has listed above. Might move to Curzon instead, there’s one in Wimbledon.

I was speaking to a Danish woman last week (because that’s the type of cosmopolitan life I lead), and she said that London was too expensive.

I’ve never lived there so can’t vouch for that, but at the same time I’ve never known a Danish woman to be wrong about anything.

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