Southerners that made their mark being Northerners on TV

Jane Leeves

Phillip Glenister

(Clocking Off, Life on Mars)

Jason Merrells

From Essex. Made his career as a Manc.

Geraldine James

Proper Northerner, or is she.

Geraldine Somerville

(cheating a bit here as she was born in Ireland but she went to boarding school most of her life in Hertfordshire)

Mr fucking Bloom from Cbeebies.

Patronising AF tbqh. Hate this guy.

Mark Strong
our friends 3

(OK, I guess he’s not done this so much but he’s actually really good at pulling it off and fair to say Our Friends in the North was his first notable show, so I’m counting him. Also he’s really great as a Northern baddie in Band of Gold)

Sue Nicholls

Great shout.


(love her <3)


Reported them all to the woke police. See you at the cultural appropriation station.

There is another female corrie actor my Dad told me about that is well annoying me

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(The biggest of safety winks)

I’d have no genuine axe to grind anyway as best pie I ever had was in Bristol

BLANCHE she were a proper thesp and all.




Doesn’t really bother me - only thing that does is stuff like Daphne’s brother being a cockney, and for some reason more annoying is when all the same actual northerners are used over and over like there’s only 5 of them (specific to 90s TV really)

Unrelated but I’m watching Clocking Off and Sarah Lancashire’s kids in it are David Platt and Sarah Platt.

I was only joking, especially on my first two posts, but, and I’ll admit I have a bit of a habit of this and need to be more aware of it, maybe I made that look too ambiguous. Sorry.

This is far too modern a reference for me to get.

(I know what it’s from but I don’t know if they have northern accents or this is a GOT joke)

Nope he is well posh and talks like he is from Otley in Game Of Thrones plus also he’s meant to be from the North in the show.

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Oh don’t worry :slight_smile: I don’t really understand jokes unless I know I’m about to hear a joke. My brain is very annoying that way.

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Imagine if it turned out one of Ant & Dec was from Surrey and has been faking this entire time


Sometimes when Northerners appear in very Northern shows over and over and are typecast just for being Northern I start to doubt them.

Like every 90s northern show bar Queer as Folk seems to have Christopher Ecclestone in and I think, hmm he’s too Northern, this seems suspicious.

To back up this claim of him being an imposter, here he is saying Heaton Park is in Salford: Christopher Eccleston - Heaton Park - Angry Rant (2019) - YouTube


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Salford is wherever Christopher Eccleston goes


Barnet, Norf Laandon


Two from Leicester (Midlanders but still not Northerners)