Space and Robot Sex Thread


Ask @epimer and @1101010 anything sex with robots or in space.


about, obvs.




You can fuck aliens in Mass Effect if you want.

I wanted to fuck Nick Valentine (a robot) in Fallout 4 but couldn’t.


did he knock you back? :frowning:


Do you reckon male astronauts ever ejaculate into zero gravity?


No, we had a very pure, very intense friendship that would absolutely count as romantic rather than plutonic but there was no game option to actually fuck him unfortunately.


Theo, why the fuck are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knocking about space nowadays? The realism is being knocked out of the programme.

For the FAO of TheoGB

They’re up there for months at a time - of course they do.


Neil Armstrong is just a nickname





Ah sorry, I should have clarified. I mean, without anything to catch it. Just: “look at it go!”



Does anyone feel that I shouldn’t have used the word knock (ing/ed) in consecutive sentences?


I thought it was fine personally mate, very solid post IMO


Cheers for having my back


Possibly your subconscious was setting up a joke?


Knocking spacesho/ip???


Who’s there?