👾 Retro Gaming Quest! - A DiS Adventure - 👾

Enough of this BloodSouls nonsense!

Pick an old game from your childhood that you never played/managed to beat and complete it this year!

My choice is gonna be:

Loved the second one as a kid, one of my favourite RPGs of all time but never got past the first hour or so in the first one which I tried later.

Will it stand the test of time?! I will let you know.



Haha… oh dear god, this game still haunts me -

I couldn’t even get past the first level!!! What the fuck!?!?!

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Honestly though there’s no way I’m going near that game, in reality I want to finish this -


Back to the Future III on the Megadrive isn’t really possible.

Look what happens within seconds of it starting:

Ugh, and it’s all dark and dingy… don’t think I want to play this one again. Think I’ll just try and complete Shining Force II instead.


that’s the spirit but this looks shiiiiite

I’ve only ever played this one on an emulator, and the ROM I was using was broken, so that the first time you went to the past it crashed irreparably. Shame, I was really enjoying it!

one of the best games ever, good choice!

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had it on dreamcast twice as a young teen, but never got far. Bought it again recently. I’ll finish it this time.


good going team!

Haha!! I think it’s meant to be… I couldn’t really tell after mindlessly walking around ONE room a million times. Piece of shit.

also, weren’t cool enough to be a megadrive kid? :stuck_out_tongue:

never completed this one but I got pretty far in the 2nd one, I loved the pretentious moralising dialogue in these games as a teenager.

Haha, I’ll have you know I had a SNES AND a mega drive… I just thought SNES was way better :wink:

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oh you were one of THOSE!

Yeah all in all you’re probably right but megadrive had some hidden gems.

I came SO CLOSE to finishing this (on the Dreamcast!) and I can’t remember why I never saw it through. I still have a DC, it’s still wired up to my TV, and I still own a copy of this, and it’s aged very well, so… it’s ON.


Great idea.

I never managed to get too far in this one, but remember the first person “VR” elements were trippy as fuck for my child self.


Can I just shock you? I’ve never completed a Final Fantasy game.


I bet this will be hilarious

ships probably sailed to play FFVII for the first time now but I feel bad for you :frowning:


I was and you’re right. When I was at uni someone gave me all the games for the mega drive on my laptop… this in particular was erm… something?