Space is the place πŸ‘½βœ¨πŸš€


Please recommend me some big spacey sci-fi sounding music.

Anything to do with space or that makes you think of space (please not any bands called Space unless they actually write music about space). soundtracks to other people’s films are good but it’s best if it has its own extravagant concept. I dont know anything so that’s my level.

Looking forward to your replies :sparkles:


S U R V I V E - a couple of them did the Stranger Things soundtrack and they are basically full on John Carpenter synth worship.

In a similar vein, Zombi - particularly the album Signal To Air - is this the kind of stuff you’re looking for?


Here you go!





obvious one, but


any Kasabian, it’s so big it’ll launch you into the stratosphere





Can’t get much more spacey than a record that literally crashed into Mars.


God Is An Astronaut - Suicide By Star



Not looking for a particular style, was mostly just thinking about how much I love Janelle Monae. This is all great stuff thanks!!





Can’t believe I forgot about Chrome Hoof. Music from the FUTURE.


Australian bad Midnight Juggernauts had somewhat of a fixation with space, time and all things cosmic - try these for size: