Space Jam 2

A whole thing going on I’ve only just become aware of. In a nutshell

  • Pepe Le Pew has been cancelled; people are very angry

  • speedy Gonzales is still in: others are quite angry

  • the girl rabbit is being dressed more appropriately and drawn less male gazey - some presumable rabbit fuckers are pissed off at this

Obviously, pretty much all of this anger is on Twitter, the global trash can

Anyway yeah I’m hyped for the film probably


Space Ham - where the cartoons overact

hope this is good. I love space jam 1 and its themes are more resonant now than ever before


Just hope there’s a really solid video game tie in

Hope Bill Murray is in it.

The original was terrible. Why do people pretend otherwise?


Cause the original website is still active


People like dumb stuff. Better than liking not liking that people like dumb stuff tho

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Space Jambon - unofficial Piers Morgan biography

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I saw this tweet earlier and it made me laugh quite a lot


Pepe Le pew is kind of the original fuckboi

I always found his episodes the most boring


“The French skunk always made me laugh” is such a beautiful sentiment


Not sure if I’ve seen the first one. I remember thinking, OOOOH! I should watch the first one, while watching The Last Dance last year, then never did. Should probably watch it, really.

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Had an old colleague who called me Pepe cause my surname is basically Pew- always thought they were implying I smelt like skunk but now am worried they were implying I was a sleaze bag. Kind of wanna message and find out, but what can I say?
“Do you think I stink or that I’m creepy?” There’s no good answer to that.


Original soundtrack is a banger. Hope the new one is as well.

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A beautiful parallel to ‘she does not leave the green lizard alone’


But, from what I can see, entirely earnest. It’s lovely but hilarious. Dear old Sylvie really touched my heart during the most recent bout of insomnia last night.

Space Jam 2: Preserve Harder
Space Jam 3: A Curd Helping
Space Jam 4: Compote Boogaloo

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I liked when there was a French queen on RuPauls Drag Race and they all called her Pepe Le Pew and she was like "who the fuck is Peepee le poo!?’

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