Space Race Part II

Nice work, Virgin.

If you had a million spare would you jump on board one of these?

  • Virgin Galactic
  • SpaceX (paedo rocket)
  • Blue Origin
  • None of the above

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Would you leave earth forever to colonise a close solar neighbour (the Moon, Mars etc)

  • Yes, any excuse to escape this burning hellhole
  • No, I like our level of gravity and the comforts of life

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Would you leave Earth on a generation ship, where you wouldn’t get to colonise another planet but your descendants presumably would

  • Yes, bring on the space babies and comfort of deep space
  • No, sounds a little far fetched to succeed, nerds

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Would you go to Mars if there was a 90%+ chance of dying on impact?

  • Yes
  • No

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this sounds more appealable to me, in theory.

We kind of know that Mars and the moon are a bag of shite. If another planet existed 60 years travel away… being on the moon is fucking pointless… but the idea of being on the frontier of a new vegetative planet is exciting… if not for me then for the inbred babies of my offspring.

And Id get the retirement I deserve… sitting around listening to the same 6 records, playing the same 4 videogames and not finishing reading the book I started ages ago :man_shrugging:

Ppl seem hyped on the generation ship idea

Maybe we can get Sean to fund us one, we can pack it with the best record collection ever, a couple of hot tubs, and blow this popsicle stand planet forever


A spaceship crewed by the last members of the human race hurtles towards the sun and the key to salvation lies in finding the mysterious ‘Kid A’ - but who is he and will the tentative truce between the Blues and the Pinkertons last long enough for them to find out?

Black Mirror S05E02


To those that answered Yes:

Is that because

  • You really want to go to Mars
  • You want to die

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Reckon space would be interesting for about half an hour playing around with zero gravity then you’d realise there’s nothing to do and it all looks the same and it’d be very boring

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“Could really do with a latte right now”

  • peace and quiet
  • zero gravity sleep
  • astronaut food

wonder if anyone has boned in space yet… :thinking:

Probably just shooting the NHS’ remaining resources to Jupiter

“Can’t believe I got stuck at the end of the generation ship with a Pret and not a Nero”

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  • Trip to space
  • Trip to the bottom of the ocean (in a non-paedo submarine)
  • Just a nice weekend somewhere hot, with a beach and that

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Because it’s where green rivers flow

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  • The space race album
  • The coal mining one

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If you really want to go to space you can just go swimming and it’s like you’re floating hope this helps.

does space smell of chlorine…?

You’re not supposed to breath in the water.