Spag bol method



What’s yours?


Start prep a month in advance, as per my nonna’s recipe.


pierce the lid, seven minutes in the microwave


Tin of chopped toms, big squirt of ketchup, razz it on medium/high for ten minutes, eat. Conchiglie instead of spaghetti and a fuck load of grated cheddar on top. Just like my Italian godparents used to make.


Visit my Nonna in the secondigliano, put the sauce on the hob and return in 20 years.


ciao nuovo utente



Onions, carrots, mushrooms, tinned Toms, passata with garlic and herbs, purée, lean mince. All in my big Le Creuset pot. No need for anything more complicated.


Whensa your dolmio day?


Eat one someone else has cooked for me.


ciao CG!







Um, probably as long as it takes to cook the mince and the sauce to reduce a bit? Probably half an hour?


if it walks like a Bologna, sounds like a Bologna, it’s probably not gonna be a box of fluffy ducks


You post this, just as I’m about to go off for a lunch!! * SHAKES FIST *


I’m fine with that


Eat one @he_2 has cooked for me.


Probably the worst pasta dish anyway


Also: do we serve it like this (separate):

Or like this (mixed):