Spag Bol


Mary Berry has fucked it.

Let’s get hyper precious/needlessly defensive about our recipes (again).

I don’t give a fuck about how you do chilli.

I use
minced beef
minced pork
maybe red wine (if there’s some handy)
maybe extra beef stock (ditto)
bay leaf
maybe other herbs
tin toms

slow cook for ages.

“oooh that’s not authentic and there’s no such thing as spag bol and…”


has she called it spag bol though, that’s a terrible offence in itself




We use Quorn in ours.


I just to grate a four pack of Tecky Cs finest beeves into a pan with onions then squirt out some tommy puree bit of stock and flavours and other stuff then serve on a pasta


Exactly the same as chilli but without chilli and kidney beans (onions, garlic, minced beef, tomato puree, tin of tomatoes, assorted herbs and shit from the cupboard, maybe extra vegetables depending).


It is the one acceptable use of Quorn.

Chopped toms
An amount of mixed herbs
Bit of paprika
Some stock
Splash of balsamic vinegar

That’ll do


zxcvbnm likes to make sure as many animals as possible died to make his. One cow, a pig… ooh shall we do over another cow with the stock?


have fun picking out the metal


Minced Beef
Chopped Tomatoes
Tomato Puree
Red Wine
Red Wine Vinegar
Beef Stock

Leave it simmering for fucking ages


I just tried to like your post, @JDonBalonz, but was told, “Sorry. An error has occurred.”

I guess I don’t really like it, with hindsight.


Just laughed out loud at one of my own posts in the old spag bol thread.

I’m insufferable.


Don’t buy mine from Tesco, luckily.

Someone I know on FB posted that warning and the first reply was their friend basically going full moker about how Quorn was some big government poisoning conspiracy.


You don’t like it… you LOVE IT.


oh, THAT’s how they get the BSE into veggie diets.


This is a good list. We use passata rather than chopped tomatoes to make it richer. Also, we finish by sticking in a bunch of capers.


Beef Mince
Chicken Liver (not every time, but a tasty addition)
red wine
beef stock maybe
tom puree
tinned toms


Quorn mince does my head in.


More animals than zxcvbnm!!!


I do enjoy eating animals