Spag Bol

Aye, I actually like and use a fair few Quorn equivalents but the mince is fucking junk

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I usually kick a dog to death while I’m preparing it was well.


yeah mine is basically the same, classic ragu recipe and works well for spag bol and lasagne. i’ll use an oxo cube and squirt some tomato puree in

Minced Beef
Green Pepper (finely diced)
Chopped Tomatoes
Tomato Puree
Worcester Sauce
Beef Stock
Mixed Herbs

also recommend using fresh mince from the butchers, it breaks down much more nicely than from a supermarket packet.

pork mince
beef mince
beef stock
chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
diced carrots
bay leaf
bit o’ wine
bit o’milk or cream

NOW we’re getting somewhere.

Any advance on “fresh mince from the butchers”?

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You’re going to get an extremely angry letter from my Italian godparents.

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think I’m going to give milk a try next time I do one

Plus some grated nutmeg

Worcester sauce and/ or Balsamic vinegar are good shouts too

do you dip your egg and sausage pie into your bolognese?


  • Overly annoying waste of effort, one of the worst pastas out there
  • Away with your hot takes I enjoy dishes popular in the 1970s

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No, that would be absurd

Last night I mixed chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and a full cup of wine, which I stirred into some cooked spaghetti. It was bright red and pretty tangy. I call it “Vampire Spaghetti”.

What’s your Vampire Spaghetti recipe?

I use beans and/or Sainsbo’s own brand mince, herbs, paprika, salt, pepper and whatever veg I have to hand.

Lot of old men voting for the 70s option I see

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It was my house mate who introduced the green pepper, I was sceptical but it works really well.
I used to put grated carrot in too, but stopped that.

I often enjoy a bolognese sandwich with the cold leftovers.

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what other pasta would you use for a dish called spaghetti bolognese, hombre?

Love spaghetti but I can understand that you have neither the skills to eat or cook it.

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Can we all stop taking this quite so hard