Spain, then

is this going to be like ukraine and syria and venezuela where there are loads of different people pushing propaganda and nobody knows anything about what’s actually happening…

All in preparation for the Lord of South London’s arrival, so I’ve heard.


I love Spain, and the selfish part of me that speaks Castilian (very poorly) would prefer Catalonia to remain. But the government’s absolutely shat the bed there - wouldn’t be surprised if it turns a lot of neutrals in favour of independence

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is this a football joke? (i’m more of a backgammon and port man myself)

its quite complicated and a majority of Catalans don’t want independence in this form, and the leaders of the Catalan independence movement are shady as fuck capitalists, but arresting a tonne of them is probably the worst thing the central government could have done.


A selfish part of me wants them to stay because I wrote an essay 9 years ago predicting that.


should be offering the catalans (as well as Galicia) ‘devolution max’, but the government/state apparatus in Madrid is corrupt and hellish as fuck and full of ex falangists so…

diamond spade death…


do you know a good source for on the ground news? get the feeling there’s a lot of shady financial interests here. apparently a survey from earlier this year said 49% of catalans don’t want independence, 41% for, the rest not fussed. seems like an ott response from the government could well shift support to the independence movement.

el pais is okay for Spanish news I guess, el periodico too.

really there’s not a great source for on the ground news in Spain aside from twitter and the various anarchist publications that sometimes appear online. its pretty much the thunderdome there for information, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

this is quite good


the pics from Barcelona look nuts

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@ Rajoy

btw, Rajoy is from the same part of Spain as my fam, alongside a number of massive wallys that include General Franco, Feijoo (current president of the Xunta with ties to the Colombian drug cartels), and this cunt:


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but tbh

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Had a guest lecture whilst doing my undergrad in Spanish from someone who has a PHD in Catalan Studies and his oficial opinion is it’s not going to happen any time soon.

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Polling day. Lots of images and videos being shared of riot police violently removing voters from polling stations.

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What the h is going on over there

If anyone is in central London today and feels suitably outraged (which you should tbh) then this is happening: