Spar dilemma

They have free copies of The Sun. I always tell them I don’t want one but I noticed a couple times they’ve marked me through as taking one. WWYD?

Doesn’t even rhyme

have noticed that odeons have started stocking copies of the sun too. there used to always be loads left but now there never are any - have they stopped doing this and left the stands there?


Dirty Protest

Take as many copies as you can and do the noble thing and put them out of harms way. Horrible filthy rag of a publication.

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hmmm, how near are they?

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So they’ve marked you through as taking one but you don’t actually take one?

imagine how the shite the film would need to be for you to prefer to read the Sun in the cinema

people actually sit and read it while they have their costa

Hmm do you reckon the spar owner gets money for each sun he gives away so therefore by reporting that he’s given away loads he’s defrauding the sun of money??

If so that is completely not on, I’d go to the filth with this.

That’s correct

Doesn’t even rhyme


I don’t really see the dilemma here.

See above

I would imagine The Sun could use the artificial figures to squeeze more money out of advertisers. They probably be paying fractions of a pence to Spar per copy for the pretend readers.

You should ask them to remove it.

Or ask for your money back.

I have to be honest. I don’t give a fuck.

see above