Spare Green Man tickets anyone?

Would like 2 or three. Made the decision to go finally, then it sold out the next day before I had a chance. Please PM me of you can help or point me in a direction. Thanks guys xx

Haven’t any spares myself, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground and will let you know if I see any going.

Might be worth keeping an eye on the Green Man site if no spares present themselves - if I remember correctly, a small batch of held over tickets were released just before the festival in the last couple of years.

Not on me

Dice have a waiting list you could add yourself to in case anything turns up

They wrote something on FB asking people not to post about spare tickets on their page because they’re partnering with Twickets, so you might want to give them a follow on Twitter or whatever.

Groovy thanks guys. Didn’t realise they were on Dice so just joined the waiting list. Started following Twickets on Twatter too. All suggestions much appreciated.

You can set up an alert on twickets so you get e-mailed if any Green Man tickets get posted on there.

Just done cheers dude.