Spare Tickets

Not sure if we’ve already got a thread on this, but I have a spare for the following gigs -

Young Fathers @ Brighton Dome this Friday 20th Oct

Mandy, Indiana @ Corsica Studios Friday 3rd Nov

Lemme know if someone wants them. I don’t want any money for them, just make a donation to Mind or A N Other decent charity.

Oh and first shout goes to @usernotfound if he wants one as he did me a solid with that boygenius ticket the other week!


I hope it takes off again, but I had this thread too for finding people to go to gigs with generally. Just as another option for places to post tickets in future :slight_smile:


1 spare ticket for Deerhoof @ Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht November 5th. Free for a DiSer

Got a spare for Black Country New Road in Gothenburg tomorrow night as I can’t make it annoyingly

Spare Tickets is my new band name.

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What do you sound like?

The National.

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My guess was rustling paper and disappointment. Sort of ambient/drone

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So… The National?


Staring Episode 2 GIF by The Office

Got a ticket to squid in Manchester tonight via dice if any one wants it

Spare for Loraine James tomorrow at the white hotel (Salford). Free via dice

No takers for Young Fathers tomorrow night?!

i’m amazed at this as well, i was due to go but work meant not able to get down to Brighton. Listed it on twickets and it sold within minutes (last week)

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If I was anywhere near you I’d absolutely be in :weary:

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Got two spare tickets for Pigsx7 tomorrow at The Bodega in Nottingham. Free to a good home

Does anyone want the Mandy, Indiana ticket for next Friday?

A friend of mine has a spare for Emeralds at Heaven tonight, anyone interested? Can hook you up if so

I also have a spare for Emeralds (& Pye Corner Audio!) if anyone fancies - not looking for anything for it.

Got a couple for Wesley Gonzales in Manchester tomorrow (Wed 31st) night. Free to anyone who wants them (the gig was free originally anyway)