Sparks - Hippopotamus



Really good this. They still sound so full of energy and their hook writing chops are sharp as ever


I saw Sparks at the Skye Music Festival about a decade ago and had always meant to investigate them. Bought Hello Young Lovers last night as I remembered Dick Around being the live highlight. It’s utterly batshit mental. I think I really like it.


havent heard it but seeing FFS at Glastonbury was the absolute perfect closer


will always have this in my mind though


I liked the FFS album, I like this more. Take that for what it’s worth :smiley:


been meaning to check this out, although I’ll confess to not being familiar with their recent work.


I went to the in-store at Rough Trade last week and they were super :smile:


Good aren’t they


One of my favourite Glastonbury sets ever.


Always amazed at how fresh their sound remains, enough nods to their back catalogue without sinking into nostalgia, particularly as Ron is now 72 and Russell 68.


It’s probably a couple of songs too long but it’s still a cracking record, full of ideas and massive tunes. What a great band.

This is one of the songs of the year:


Absolutely loving the new album - it just puts a smile on your face.


It’s astonishing that their songs sound so energetic, their vocals are as good as they’ve ever been. Considering their vocal style and age that’s insane


Makes you giddy


Just giving a listen to that Essential Collection from a few years back. Hmmm… It seems I like the very early stuff and the very late stuff. An absolute ton of saggy new wave, synth-pop in the middle which isn’t my cup of tea. The utterly eccentric stuff at each end rules though.


Yeah the middle of their career was quite dull. The new one is full blown eccentricity if you’re curious.


Good stuff. I’ll give it a look.


This is proper wrong, loads of their disco stuff is great. No. 1 in Heaven is a 10/10 album


No.1 In Heaven is great.

I’m on about the mid to late 80s specifically.


You can write off 1983 - 1994. They’ve been pretty much great the rest of the time.