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Yes, YEs, YES
Saw them a few years back with Franz Ferdinand - so good!
Lil’ Beethoven is a masterpiece.


omg…I just sampled their song "this town…"
love them


Going to have to sacrifice my DiS points for admitting this but the FFS album was actually my gateway to the Sparks :astonished:


aww man its all good. I crate dig often and i stumbled across “Indiscreet”…pure gold


It’s the destination - not how you get there.


Saw FFS at glasto. Ridiculously good fun



was gonna start a thread about recently, one of the actual best bands ever.
been binging on woofer in tweeters clothing these last few months.
didn’t really like FFS :disappointed: would’ve rather they just made another sparks album


I’m not sure I’ve ever sat down and listened to them.

That said I obviously hold them in very high regard.


That was one of my favourite festival sets of all time.


Been rinsing Kimono My House for a few months but i’ve only recently been exploring the rest of their catalogue. No 1 In Heaven, wowee

I love FFS, it’s utterly fantastic and one of my most favourite albums from the last couple of years. I enjoyed it whilst eating a cheese sandwich only this morning in fact.


Can’t think of many bands that have been able to stay fresh and innovative throughout a 45 year career. Most run out of ideas or are too conservative to change their sound. Sparks have always been off kilter and by and large a cult band who hit a nerve in the UK during the 1970s. ‘Kimono My House’ is a good starting point but other 70s reference includes this little gem (Viewer warning re Russell’s shorts):

Number One Song in Heaven is possibly their best - their first real change of direction working with Moroder and introducing the synth duo template that would be taken up by others in the 1980s

Returned to America in the 980s where they were virtually unknown and attempted to break the charts which I found diluted their sound to a degree but they still remained way too left field for the Americans and I think they gave up by 1988. Their only hit in the states was a collaboration with Jane Weidlin

Then they disappeared for about six years before returning with one of my favourite Sparks’ songs. Best single about being middle aged ever:

Gratuitous Sax & violins was patchy as was their follow up Balls. However, not many bands produce a critical defined opus with album number 19. Lil’ Beethoven is funny, subversive and musically interesting, taking the template of dance music and filling the album with classical sampled and synthesised sounds.

Saw them play the follow up Hello Young Lovers in 2008 during their 21 night run in London playing a whole album on different nights. Not bad for a band then approaching their 60s.

The best thing about Sparks is they’ve never taken themselves seriously.


will give it another shot alongside a ploughmans
just feel like sparks are well out of franz’s league, would be like scott walker collaborating with miles kane


This is a great, informative post. Thanks :slight_smile:


A band it took me a really long time to get into but who I now absolutely love. I always felt there was something strange and wonderful there, but also found them sort of irritating. I just didn’t feel that I understood what they were getting at.

I now have a strange thing where the first time I hear one of their records I hate it but by the third time I absolutely love it and am completely obsessed with it.

Working through their records now - got a fabulous second hand copy of Propaganda a couple of weeks ago and have been playing it non-stop since. Possibly the greatest album cover ever too.


Album 24 due in September, first single released this week.


12" mix of beat the clock is my jam


Anyone going to see them live in the UK in September? I’m tempted to buy a ticket for Manchester.


My go-to song for when I need to cheer myself up: