Just saw a man at work dressed all smart and wearing spats. Not sure if he is a ‘chap’ or he’s off tap-dancing after work.

Have you ever owned a pair of spats? If so why?

Alternatively have you ever been involved in a long-running spat?



had to look up what they were



Does she turn up after the first couple of episodes as I kind of lost interest around episode four of five of season two but would watch it for her alone.


apt picture next to your username you big cake sniffer


I think she’s only in it for two episodes unfortunately


The only Spats I have is this seven inch vinyl recording.


I tell a lie. I have a pair of Spats. I have this record as well.

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if you could only have tiffs, spats or quarrels for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

edit: fucksake, should have read the thread