Speakeasy by Shed Seven is a good song

Probably still wouldn’t go see them live though

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At The Link it’s eeeeasyyyyyyyyy…



that’s Chasing Rainbows mate, get your Shed Seven tracks right

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No, that’s Mark Radcliffe (RADIO LEGEND)

Who’s the first name you think of when someone wants to make a band of indie all stars?

Mine is ex Fulham keeper Mark Crossley

I’d have to say Billy Bibby (ex CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN)

Very, VERY, good choice

Him or Paul Chuckle, anyway

Mark Radcliffe has quite the resemblance to Paul Chuckle actually

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Very entertaining live band

Ducked out of school to have my CD single of Chasing Rainbows signed by the band in Virgin Music. I liked them at the time and would’ve agreed with you that Speakeasy is a good song. Literally couldn’t give a fuck now.

Not as good as Dolphin or Getting Better


Disco Down is a banger tbh, genuinely euphoric


Rick Witter got barred from our student union for pissing on a jukebox


Was it playing Speakeasy at the time?



Also worth noting that this lot are still consistently selling loads of gig tickets, way more than any other mid-level Britpop band. Two nights at Barrowlands, two nights at Manchester Academy, two nights at the Roundhouse, always getting booked at regional festivals. Probably making a really good living out of it still.

Going For Golden showering the jukebox

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Really got a soft spot for Chasing Rainbows

Vividly remember hearing it in the car when I was very little and hearing the line about early baths and then looking forward to having a nice bath when we got home