Speaking as a parent



can you tell me where online to shop for baby clothes? Not yer basics, yer stuff that you might buy as a present for someone. Not got anything in particular in mind, but you know quite high quality, cotton or wool, “cool” stuff. Never bought my own baby a single item of clothing. I need some ideas for presents for various other babies.


urban outfitters




C’mon man buy your own baby some clothes


you should probably dress your own baby first, m8





John Lewis


Yeah and they have a sale on now cos they’re just about out of business.
Picked up some stuff last week


That is clothes for grown ups not babies


Boden, maybe?




bit harsh pal, he’s only asking for some advice



Urban Outfitters are going out of business too?


my friend once ordered a dress online and when it arrived it turned out to be for a toddler




what the fuck mate


This http://www.mini-mi.co.uk is loveky. I buy my niece and nephew stuff from here.

Or maybe etsy but be you might need to check etsy stuff meets safety standards?


Conversely I once ordered some ‘Junior’ boots for my toddler and they turned out to be for adults. ‘Junior’ was just the name of the style of boot which seems a little ill thought out.