Speaking of fame: who is the greatest famous person in all of history?


The concept of famous people is really fucking stupid but

It’s probably Isaac Newton or Buddha or Pankhurst



Oh wait. The greatest? Dunno


yeah I should have left religious people out of it for obvious reasons


Dick Van Dyke


sorry I forgot to say, serious answers only please!


also no fighting about your famous person being better than my famous person etc


It’s Bjork


is the need for fame inherently part of human nature due to our awareness and constant fear of death?


Newtons a good shout. Einstein too. Da vinci was pretty cool.


would welcome some non-anglocentric looks too but we’re all mostly British right?


what a shitty sentence.

All mostly British. Good job language is for jerks


Alexander the Great

clue’s in the name


prefer Catherine the Great in terms of the greats


in terms of actual number of people exposed to their visage it’s probs old Queen Liz innit - face on money & stamps all around the world for 66 years during the time when the global population grew from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion

not to mention the growth of global broadcasting in that time, largely lead by BBC/anglo world


well I’d rather best than most in terms of how I’m defining greatest.

I’m not well read on the issue but I can’t imagine she will have personally had much of a lasting impact on the course of human history but maybe I’m being naive.


Claudio Ranieri


seemed like a nice man but who knows


only reallyheard the cheesy pop song she did in the nineties with the “shhhhhhh!” bit but she does seem like a great person


I dunno - your face on money fairly guarantees a lasting legacy

perhaps it’s Rabindranath Tagore?


Don’t think it’s Newton. In his spare time he used to hunt down currency forgers, and back then the penalty for that was death, so he got a ton of non-violent crims killed.