Speaking of fame: who is the greatest famous person in all of history?

Muhammad Ali


that’s a real shame, seemed like such a great mind

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Actually - define ‘greatest’ in the context you meant it in the OP

it’s a stupid arbitrary thread so I can’t really :frowning:

BUT maybe who has had the largest and most lasting net positive influence on humanity.

he sounds interesting! Should read his whole wiki today :slight_smile:

Reckon being on money only really gives you fame for a couple of hundred years at most, don’t think most people really care who was holy roman emperor and so on anymore

Makes sense. I chose Ali because I think he was one of very few ‘global’ celebrities. He was known (and idolised) outside of just the 1st World

I love the concept of Muhammad Ali more than nearly any famous person for sure.

Conor McGregor

Left Shark

Ooft. Did not know that

just reading it now

" Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."

that’s a really beautiful poem, I had to just sit in silence and think there for a minute.

Mmmm good poetry

It’s Serena Williams.

good shout!

Probably not in all history but yeah great answer

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he did more or less everything

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When the German Commander asked him to surrender at the battle of the bulge, his official response was ‘NUTS’. The Germans didn’t know what it meant and were quite annoyed when they found out.

Very good pun imho



Lucía Sanchez Saornil, you Philistine.

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huh! his family came from Ecton, which makes me feel strangely proud in a fucking stupid way

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Its all about the benjamin

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seems cool!