Special cooking

Anyone done any special cooking recently? Anyone cooking anything for valentines day?

I Need some recipe/ ideas. Doesn’t have to be weird formal meal for 2 stuff.

Also, we’re looking for your funny valentines day meal disasters!!! Text 80008800 now with your worst culinary catastrophes!!

You should try using the Doughy Decimal System!


What sort of thing? Veggie/vegan? Any particular sort of cuisine?

Wife has asked for veggie haggis and scotch for valentines dinner. That’s why I married her.

Well it’s not obviously, that would be horrible, but it’s a nice thing we’ll both enjoy.


No dietary requirements but no fish please!

think I’m gonna make some churros at the weekend.

I recently bought a slow cooker diet book, but I don’t think this will be the right occasion to crack it out

The M&S ones you just bung in the oven for a bit are remarkably good considering what they are. Of course, if you want to go through the whole rigmarole of making a dough, firing up the deep fat fryer, getting it to the right temperature and all that then you’re a better man than me.

Oh, I do!


I did a nice Spanish recipe (a kind of Spanish cannelloni)that involved making my own pasta and bechamel (I think you could use lasagna sheets if you preferred). Bit of a faff but tasted amazing. Also I’ve got an Ottolenghi lamb meatball recipe that you can serve with this great-looking rice with pistachios and berries

Once and never again - life is far too short :+1: (and I spend at least an hour in the kitchen every evening)


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Doing scallop linguine for Valentine’s, pasta with chilli, garlic, parsley, lemon, butter and scallops on the top. Pretty simple, but shows youve made an effort

Just seen the no fish thing, soz

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If you’re making your own bechamel you might want to use the Roux-y Bechamel System!!

@sadpunk ^5


Did this recently, was a lot of faff but absolutely incredible.

I tried making some bread recently, but I couldn’t get my dewey to rise. Any tips?


Self raising flour?
Baking Powder?

I like this, makes it sound like A level coursework.