Special messages for people who haven't posted in a while

I have really been put off contributing to threads because I suspect a “jhn9kdy hasn’t said anything for 300 years” special message will appear. I know it’s not the intention to make you feel like a numpty but I don’t particularly want my lack of involvement to be highlighted.
I thought if I posted this in here then I would then be able to actually write something somewhere else. Phew.


HELLO! :clinking_glasses::champagne:

Can we just turn these messages off @moderators? They have a p weird vibe tbh.

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One for the @admins. Mods don’t have access to most board settings.

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Ah my b

Don’t worry about it. It’s what we’re all here for :slight_smile:

I think I’ve found the setting I’ll change it now since I can’t really think of a reason to keep it.




Brilliant. Now I can go back to not posting stuff for another 11 months. :grin:


Can we make it “Well well we’ll, look who the cat dragged in! Thought you’d finally grace us with your presence? Well I’m sure we are all So grateful to have you back”.

And set the period to 4 days.


Sounds like it’s a good thing you’ve been demoted from all powerful overlord!

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Blimey, never even considered it could be turned off TBH. Nice.

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Can we get one when you log in for the first time each day? Like a big flirty hello.

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Are you trying to do yourself out of a job?