Specific brand recipes that are annoyingly much better than 'own brand' equivalents


Can’t eat any mayo that isn’t Hellmann’s. It just tastes synthetic by comparison. What brands are YOU locked into buying?

Also obviously Pepsi Max is the undisputed king of colas.


Kellog’s Corn Flakes


That smoked paprika that comes in a little red tin.


Heinz tomato ketchup




Bo’s own brand ketchup > Heinz


Big talk


weetabix is a great shout. it should be impossible for it to be THAT different going own brand. And yet.


massively contro this






Big Bo’s, Sainsbo’s you know, John James’ Bouncing Bo’s Babes!


Aye massive fallacy that Heinzo is the best catsup innit.




@Aggpass have you ever tried any OTHER elderflower pressé or is it just the specific extremely tory brand that’s your fixation/lifestyle choice/monocle-wearing religion?


The Bo’s stuff has a pleasing level of extra acidity/vinegariness


I prefer Lidl Sake


I like Hellman’s ketchup more than Heinz.


beat me to it :’(


They actually make both products in the same factory and the only thing that is different is the packaging and that’s why it’s called the World Series.