Did you ever have the piss taken out of you at school for wearing glasses?

I didn’t wear mine for ages to the point where it was blatantly obvious to teachers that I couldn’t see the blackboard. Couldn’t keep that going.

Yeah the day after I first got them (aged 10) someone made some remark. I threw his bag over the fence into a pond and that was that.


Such a weird thing for people to be hung up about even as kids.
Glasses are hot anyway.


No, I was very certain I would be and often tried to get out of wearing them but no one gave the slightest shit. It was a bit disappointing in hindsight, was 11 and desperate for beeves.


Only started wearing them when I was in my 30s. Someone at work called me ‘four eyes’ the very next day.


First got glasses when I was 5/6. Apparently on my first day of wearing them at school some kid took the piss. When I got home from school I buried them in the garden.


Absolutely this^

I didn’t really wear mine outside of my house until I was about twenty because I was embarrassed by them, and then I got new ones I liked because my eyesight was utterly fucked and I’ve worn them full time since then.

I don’t think I look like me without them.

Did the police ever find the body?


i still don’t like wearing them. They don’t go well with the massive black lines under my eyes.

I need to get me an eye test at some point. Not least cause I do look tiiiight in glasses if it’s not too arrogant to say so myself

I had glasses as a tiny child and they made me look even more like the Milky Bar kid

I could have phrased that better huh.

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Same. Also I have a massive face and they break it up nicely.

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Very much this


So much this - I genuinely look like a boiled egg. The glasses are a godsend.


I’m pretty much just a marshmallow with eyebrows without them.

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It’s still making me chuckle now so I’m not sure how much better you could have phrased it.


I started wearing them when I was 7, for reading and stuff. This was back in the day when all kids wore NHS specs. I was pretty self-conscious about it, but one of my friends also wore glasses, and no one made fun of him, so it wasn’t too bad.

I stopped needing them from about 12 until I started driving (long-distance stuff), and now wear them for computer work as well.

I got more comments about my squint/strabismus which was pretty noticeable until I had a few operations on my eye at 8/9 years old. It still comes back if I’m tired and not wearing my glasses, but not to the same degree. The comments were never really nasty, but it’s one of the reasons why I tend to look down a lot and avoid eye contact.

I wore glasses briefly in my early teens to correct a minor lazy eye issue but was largely specs-free for my adult life until my late 30s when I was starting to get constant headaches and really struggle with my artwork and it turns out I’m actually long-sighted and had been straining my eyes ridiculously to draw the very detailed work I’m prone to, so have been wearing them for the last 5 or 6 years and now think I look weird without them. Tend to go for thick rimmed letterboxes.

Impossible not to read this in the voice of Rollie from Grange Hill.


Got them when I was about 7, no one said anything. Mainly because a boy people liked had just got them, so it was vaguely cool. Never had any problems, other than people occasionally asking if they can try them on. No, no you can’t.

Actually, it has been a bit of a nightmare in the panny d wearing a mask with glasses, obviously condensation issues, but even worse is at the till at the supermarket and you’re trying to pack your bags and for some reason the mask means your glasses are falling off your face every two seconds, unless that’s just me.