Speculate on the plot of a film you haven't seen by its title alone




After his fall from grace as one half of Ant & Dec, Ant McPartlin becomes a superhero dedicating his life to eradicating alcohol based crime.


Men in Black

Three priests living with their housekeeper on a remote island off the coast of Ireland



God becomes a member of the Wu-Tang Clan


The godfather, new parents entrust their child into the care of its godfather while they go away on a break, the baby escapes causing havok around the city, the godfather is in a race against time to capture the baby before the parents return


All on the day of his daughter’s wedding. Mamma mia!


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Dunno


A girl walks home alone at night - A girl walks home alone at night


The Piano

Probably an adaptation of some Broadway musical featuring Hugh Jackman


Dances With Wolves

Bunch of people dancing with wolves. Not sure what the plot is, probably something like one of those Step Up films (whatever their plots are, never seem any).


mamma mia!

follows the story of an italian chef over the course of a particularly demanding shift


Nil by Mouth - movie length spin off of Casualty/Holby City


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Pete from Mad Men gets sick of New York and starts a new agency in the Midwest


One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

A drama about the cognative degredation of the queen as she gets older and older, but with the twist that for the first half of the film it’s a drama about how she thinks that Philip can fly, but in the second half it becomes apparent it was all in her imagination.


chitty chitty bang bang

it’s a porno


Tyrannosaur - Probably a shit Jurassic Park rip off


Football Factory
Danny Dyer travels in his plane and learns how footballs are manufactured, while his dog Pippin gets up to comic mischief but ultimately learns something


Manchester By The Sea

Manchester United Football Club play an away fixture against Brighton and Hove Albion


too soon


would absolutely watch a danny dyer fronted reboot of come outside


There are only 2 weeks to go until the national dance finals and both Trisha and Debbie have ruptured their ACLs while performing the death defying pyramid of hope.
Who can step in to get team Dance Hope International back in with a shot of taking the title they lost so cruelly to Evil Dance Corp in the finals last year?
Sonya thinks she has a furry solution that could add some bite to their step dance bass beat, but not everyone is going to like it!