Speculate on which posters smoke


Not ones you know though.

I’m above all this shit but you guys crack on.


Reckon @Balonz has some kind of annual smoking allocation.


@epimer is a pro-vaper I reckon


I can only do an ollie


I used to have a couple of cigarettes a year but no tobacco has passed my lips for a year.


I’ll tell you my @epimer speculation. He is one of those Scots with an english accent.




I reckon @smokensmile does




I’ve gone a bit Lulu these days through full immersion.


Like a generic, fairly well spoken southerner. You get geordies like that too I think. Like isn’t Armstrong (& Miller) a geordie?


Jimmy Nail too! Couldn’t believe it


He’s from Basildon


She’s lying


I’m convinced the various cycling threads are just a front to make us all think that lot don’t smoke. Instead, they’re off behind the bike sheds at every opportunity for a crafty cigarette.


I came here hoping for polls. Actually, lets have a poll


  • Smokes
  • Does not smoke

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No but he is smokin’


I kind of want @marckee to have a secret shisha habit. Like he’ll come home after a heavy day googling and just load up some watermelon tobacco and puff himself into a haze


Having met him, I can confirm that he is one of those god-awful public school Scots who sounds absolutely English.

Proper plummy voice, tweed jacket, wouldn’t know a haggis if it bit him on the 'arris.